Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Questions of Freedoms

My thoughts led to the freedoms of young people in other countries. I wondered how their freedoms were in Afghanistan and countries near there. I found out that girls were being tortured in a cruel and unusual punishment. They were being forced to get married when they were around fifteen years old, some were married younger. So many of the girls were abused and tortured by their husbands. Governments should make it a priority to protect the rights of these women and girls.

In the article I read, a girl was married when she was 15. She couldn't finish school because she had two kids before she was even 18. Her kids were 5 months apart. This was not good for her, and made her bleed excessively. She was put on bed rest for 6 months. Her husband also poured acid all over her back and face, 2 and a half months after they got married, causing her eye sight to be pour. Her life was ruined because of her child marriage.

The United Nations Population Fund (UNPFA) estimated that over 100 million girls will get married over the next decade. Many of those girls would be under-aged. The director of the women's rights division at the Human Rights Watch said, "Governments should work harder to prevent child marriage and to increase awareness of the harm that they cause." I agree with this because a lot of people don't know what is happening to the girls in Afghanistan and other countries, but maybe if enough people are aware we can stop this. These girls shouldn't be violated of the human rights of physical and mental well-being, education, and children’s ability to live free of violence.


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