Monday, March 18, 2013

Waste Land Documentry Response

The Waste Land movie was a really good movie. The most memorable part of the movie for me was when they went to the art gallery to see the paintings they made. This part made me realize how much something so meaningless to others is to the people who were a part of it. I know when I go to an art museum I am not that excited to look at the art work, unlike the garbage pickers. They were full of excitement and were overcome with emotions, when the average person can walk by the same painting with no emotion. I learned that you don't need much to live a happy life. The catadores from the movie all have very little, some will live their life in sadness, but instead they make happiness from what they have. I will take away to be grateful for what you have, because many people in the world have little of we have like shown in the movie.

I think the people filmed feel overwhelmed from their lives being blown-up and shown to the world. I think they are happy to be able to show others what they have and what they do daily because they can hope better will come from the acknowledgement of their struggles. I think they fell grateful for being given the opportunity to have better. Because of the movie, the people got money they probably never imagined from garbage artwork. They visited a museum hanging their faces of trash. Having their everyday lives be blown brought a wave of emotions to everyone.

If I was given the option to be the subject in the film I would be a bit hesitant to agree to it. I would think twice about sharing my life to everyone. Today I try to limit the amount of information I put the web about myself, because some people who have access to the web may be able to copy my identity. I wouldn't feel safe having so many people know my life. There isn't much in my life that I would think could create such a grand masterpiece like in the movie. However, I bake a lot of desserts, mostly cupcakes, which could probably be made into some sort of artwork if attempted. I don't encounter the struggles that the catadores in the movie did, making my life less of a surprise to people.

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