Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Tests

The two tests I took, taught me a lot about myself. To begin with, the Gardner Multiple Intelligence Test told me that I am logical-mathematical. It thought me that I think by reasoning, love to experiment and solve puzzles. Also, that I should some trips to science museums and planetariums. In addition to being logical-mathematical, I am interpersonal too. I learned that I think by bouncing ideas off other people, and love to organize and manipulate. The Gardner Test was  pretty accurate in my experience. The Gregorc Test said that i am concrete sequential. This test thought me that I am ordered and detailed. It thought me that I am good with data and computers. The results of this test is also true, because I am good with computers and is an organized person. 

This new knowledge from both tests can help me in school in many ways. It can help me think about learning more about science (Gardner Test). From the Gregorc Test results, I can try more hands-on activities and see how my grades will reflect. Overall, the two tests are leading me to a mathematical or scientific direction in school. 

After doing the Gardner and Gregorc tests, I think I can place the people who I admire in a learning style. The first person I admire is my cousin. I think she would fit best in the logical and mathematical style, because she is very good at logical thinking and calculating things. Also, because she loves math. The second person I admire is my mom. I think she is a concrete random learner on the Gregorc test. She likes to create things and try new things. According to the Gardner test her learning style is spatial. The third person I admire is my older sister. Following the Gregorc test, I think she is an abstract sequential learner. Using the Gardner test her learning style is linguistic. I think tbis because she loves to read books all the time. I think I know the people who I admire enough to figure out their learning styles.

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  1. I am logical mathematical and interpersonal also :D