Friday, October 5, 2012

Creativity in America

This week in Rogate we talked about the creativity. In my opinion, schools in America making creativity endangered. I think this for many reasons. To begin with, most of the school's focus is on the NJASK which includes math, English/language arts, and science. They are putting more time in the day for math and writing, which is decreasing the amount of electives we can take where our creativity is usually at its highest in school. As said in Sir Ken Robinson’s TED talk creativity is being destroyed at school.

The topic of learning and teaching creativity came across in The Creativity Crisis. I think that creativity can be taught and learned. For example, if you take art class, which can be a form of creativity, on the course of the class you can become more creative. In my experience this happened; I began to think more abstract over time. This led me to believe that learning and teaching how to be creative is possible over the course of time.

Some people don't understand that creativity is used in almost everyone's life on a daily basis. We use creativity to make food, solve problems, and entertainment. When we get older we will need creativity to get a job and execute it. We will have to find solutions to problems, sometimes even on the spot. We need creativity to invent and accomplish things no one has ever done before. People now a days always want the new things, but what some people don't realize is to get the new things someone has to use their creativity to create them. If children don't have creativity at a young age how will they ever continue to create?

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