Monday, March 24, 2014

Passion Project S2 Update

Over the past 5 passion project days many things have changed. The group of Usha and I has expanded to include Vaishnavi. Our idea of focusing on parades/celebration in each state of America has gone a different route. We decided to look at holidays that are celebrated around the world and look at the ways they are celebrated. For example, New Year's is celebrated around the world but differently in every region. We have compiled pictures of the different celebrations present on this event in some states of the US and parts of other countries. Vaishnavi will incorporate her original passion project idea of dancing by looking into the dances that go along with the holidays we plan to look at. We plan to cover a lot of holidays but the number might have to get cut down due to time restrictions. We still have a lot to do but hopefully it will all get done in time.

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