Saturday, September 27, 2014


I think everyone has the ability to be empathetic, but not everyone utilizes it. I think it is possible to extend our empathy to the entire world if we tried, but would that be a good thing? Empathy has its pros and cons. It can be seen as the key to solve many problems but also can be the destroyer. Empathy can bring us all together or tear us apart. If we all share the same feelings and all have the same mindset, how are we different? Being human means to "have good and bad qualities". If everyone is empathetic to each other, the majority of our human "bad qualities" are eliminated. Our ability to make decisions will weaken. People will try to solve one problem but end causing a new, then attempt to solve that one another erupts so on and so forth.  Furthermore, with empathy ruling the world the meaning of family will lessen because everyone would be family. The world will be lost and get nothing done if empathy was the priority. However, with the worldwide case of bullying, empathy would be for the benefit. If bullies were more empathetic they would understand how the victim feels and will stop their acts. Same goes for abusing of all types. Problems will be solved but many will be created. After all, too much of anything is bad.

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  1. Very interesting point -- the concept of TOO MUCH empathy! Please share your thoughts in our class discussion, we would all benefit from hearing them.